Why “Citrus and Cinnamon”?

This blog was originally called “The Ghost of Christmas Presents” because I love festive puns. But then I realised it was too specific, so went for a broader, flavour related name in order to broaden my blog topics. The flavours of Citrus and Cinnamon are definitely two of my favourites, and recurring features in my recipes. So why not?!

Who designed your header calligraphy?

Emily at Hexahue! She was an absolute dream to work with and I thoroughly recommend. Other misc. artwork around the site is designed by my friend Kat, who can be contact through her Tumblr.

Where do you get inspiration?

… The world! Seriously! I’m a huge bibliophile who also plays a lot of video games and usually has my head stuck in another fictional universe. But I’m also really into the history of cocktails / mixology, especially ones out of London and Britain – so a lot of my recipes are unique takes on original recipes.

What do you do with the drinks after you’ve photographed them?

Well, the best light in my flat is before midday, so its no secret I’m making 1-3 drinks every weekend morning to photograph. This is where my lovely darling husband comes in. He has no qualms about day drinking. Me on the other hand, I pop my drinks back in the fridge and drink them after dinner.

What is your background / are your relevant qualifications?

(This sounds a lot like me blundering my way through an interview, but hey a prospective employer might be reading this!) … I’ve got a heck of a lot of passion, enthusiasm and creativity! I’ve worked 2+ years in the food industry as an assistant manager of a bakery, I’m a fully trained (SCAE, but unexamined) barista, and have extensive bar training too. I’m a super passionate chef. I love love love cooking. Not a qualification, but put me in a kitchen and I’ll impress! I’ve also a BA in International Relations with International Law, my specialism being the Middle East. Oh, and I went to Art School for a year. I’d definitely put creativity as a defining trait. If I put any art up, it will be tagged with my art. Other employment history include transcription, programmatic advertising, product description & marketing.

Do you have any recommendations for visitors to London?

(I actually get this question the most I think)… But yes! Drinks, restaraunts, and things to do. I’m working on compiling a list / page. Watch this space!

Where do you host your website / what theme do you use?

I host on WordPress, and I used a theme called Rosemary by Solo Pine. I highly recommend them, great installation and easy to use.

Can we collaborate / advertise / sponsor a post / guest post with Citrus and Cinnamon?

Absolutely! I would love hearing your proposals. Please read this page for more information, and how to contact me.

What kind of camera do you use / how do you shoot?

A Canon EOS 1100D. Its a great camera, and since it came out in 2011 you can buy them pretty cheap these days, especially considering the good quality you get. I shoot mostly in natural daylight (often boxed in with white or black foam boards to craft the shadows) – occasionally (and very likely from December to February when its super dark!) I’ll use artificial lighting. In that case I use (and recommend) the Voilamart below.

Can I use your recipes and images on my site?

Yes, but only if credited and linked back to Citrus and Cinnamon, please! I work super hard on them, and a little name drop won’t hurt you but may benefit me hugely! If you do, please send me a link because I love seeing my recipes used. Any blatant plagiarism (I check searches regularly) will be blacklisted and called out.


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